80 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (new address)

Categories: Skateboarding, Sneakers

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

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About: In the fall of 2001 KCDC opened its doors to the community of Williamsburg, and its powder keg of a skateboarding scene. In the years that have followed the New York skate scene continued to grow, reaching all sorts of new people. During these years skateboarding has evolved from its counter culture roots into a lifestyle that is accessible to anyone who is interested, and KCDC has evolved with it. KCDC is both refuge and a breeding ground for creative types- with no shortage in Art shows, video premieres, fundraisers, autograph signings, parties, and other events to help promote up-and-coming artists and companies in the skate industry. These events cater to skateboarders of all ages, with all styles and interests. Today, KCDC resides in a new home at 85 North 3rd Street, just a few blocks from its original location that opened over a decade ago. KCDC’s staff and skate team are committed to the continuous growth of New York skateboarding as a whole. KCDC is there for skateboarders; KCDC is there for skateboarding.