The huge turnout at today’s Brooklyn Banks rally made it pretty clear that this iconic spot means a lot to many people–and not just skateboarders.

Steve Rodriguez and the 5Boro crew along with packs of skaters were joined by BMX riders, rollerbladers and parkour enthusiasts (who especially caught everyone’s eye). Filmers and photographers were out in full force, including Fuel TV, which was taping a segment hosted by Rodney Torres.

Once the Banks close (can be any day now), they won’t reopen until 2014. Access will be cut off, unless we make our voices heard to the DOT. Show your support and stay on top of the most recent updates by joining the Facebook group to Ensure Your Continued Access to Brooklyn Banks NOW.

Check out our slideshow or some Raised Fist pics if you couldn’t make it down. Also keep an eye on Fuel TV for the coverage.