Here’s a bunch of vids, pics & links from New York’s first Maloof Money Cup.

Introduction – Astral Fountain Skatepark
a guide to the new park using our Maloof Money Cup contest footage.

Luis Tolentino’s 180
the crowd went crazy once Luis Tolentino landed this HUGE 180.

Construction & Contest Info Video
our interviews with Joe Maloof, Steve Rodriguez, Remy Stratton & Geoff Rowley.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Album
some pics the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Album
some pics the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday, June 4th 2010.

Maloof Money Cup, NYC – Day 1 Album
some photos from Saturday, June 5th 2010.

Maloof Money Cup, NYC – Day 2 Album
some pics from Sunday, June 6th 2010.

Maloof Links: – official website for the contest.
Directions & Contest Info – when, where, directions, hotels & the course design.
Facebook Page – updated daily with links, news & media.
Twitter Page – follow what people are tweeting about the contest.
Blog Posts – see what people are blogging about the contest.
Tickets – updated schedule with info for upcoming ticket giveaways.
Riders – see who was handpicked to compete in this year’s competition.
Watch Live (Web & TV) – & FOX will be covering the contest.
Maloof Merchandise – CCS has some shirts up on their site.
California Skateparks – the company responsible for building the new Maloof course.
NYSkateboarding Blog Posts – follow what we’re blogging about the contest.
OxBlue Construction Camera – webcam shots capturing the stages of construction.