We had a chance to skate the new Astoria skatepark in Queens yesterday so we shot a few photos for you. The park is not officially open but it is skateable depending on the presence of construction workers (Eby from Naysayer recommends going after 4pm or on Weekends). Currently the inside of the park is finished but the outside area is still fenced up.

Getting there is pretty simple; if you drive out, there’s a big parking lot and if you’re travelling by Subway (N or Q to Astoria Blvd.) the skate (towards the bridge) is pretty simple and mostly down hill. Here’s a Google Maps link.

The design of the park (by Steve Rodriguez) is amazing… every ledge for the most part has metal edges, the transition of the quarter pipes is perfect, ledges and banks vary in sizes so you can go big or mellow (or both), good amount of flat ground so each spot is pretty spread out. Everyone we spoke to loved it!

Park rules have not yet officially been announced so keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter for updates.