Now that 2010 is coming to an end we decided to go through our Flickr photos from this year and pick a some random favorites (for one reason or another). We’re extremely thankful to have been a part of so many great events, meet such great people and capture some great skating! We hope you’ve enjoyed all that we’ve put together bringing New York skateboarding to the world, day by day. Thank you to all the sites, bloggers, event sponsors, companies, friends, fans, followers, filmers, photographers & skateboarders that support NY Skateboarding!

As for 2011… we’ve completely redesigned our site delivering more information in a cleaner, simpler fashion. We’ll be doing more features and have recently teamed up with the extremely talented VRMH Creative Labs with hopes to saturate the site with more unique video content. The new site is still getting some final touches but we hope to have it up within the next week. Until then, have a Happy New Year everyone!!!