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We headed over to the Astoria skate park today for The King Of Queens contest where kids skated for a shot at  $2,000 in cash prizes. The contest broke out into 3 parts: ledge, banks & manny pad ledge then concluded with best trick over the hump gap. Dudes were killing it, skating 2 on a ledge at some points, but in the end Shane McGrane (Hazel) walked away with the cash! Chris Anderson grabbed second place and Jimmy McDonald (5boro) tied with Kyle Knoblauch for third. After the cash was handed out Steve R gave everyone a chance to land tricks for free Maloof tickets. Here’s some photos from the day, we also posted some updates (TwitVids & TwitPics) throughout the day.

Thanks to Vans and Maloof Money Cup for sponsoring the event and a huge thanks to Steve Rodriguez/5Boro for throwing such a great contest (as usual)!