Staten Island’s Ben Soto skate park (built in 2005) was named in memorial after a US Marine who tragically never made it back home. It’s design and construction took years of hard work and is more than just a place to ride a skateboard or bike to manys. Last month it was dismantled in preparation for the parks department to (according to Adena Long) install “modern streetscape elements”  including reinforced steel picnic tables, granites steps, cement planters and a some rails.

Ramps that simply needed to be resurfaced were destroyed and thrown out in dumpsters wastefully. Ed Pollio was best friends with Ben Soto and played a key role in the design and construction of the park. Ed and friends are throwing a rally down at the park tomorrow (5/15) at 12PM (rain or shine) with hopes to show the parks department just how important the future of Staten Island’s only skate park is to everyone. Please join them in support.

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