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We headed up to the 3rd annual Battle For The Bronx contest which was held at the River Ave Skate Park (right down the block from Yankee Stadium). A huge crowd turned out and kids were throwing down tricks off and over the pyramid. Hot dogs were served and every 20 minutes the 4 Train would pass by on its way to Yankee Stadium. Steve Rodriguez organized the contestants into different heats and after a few rounds Ruslan Yarkovskiy won the juniors and Dwaynne Almonte walked away winner. Short after the winners were announced Steve Rodriguez gave out some Maloof tickets and then ended the day with a product toss.

Battle For The Bronx Results:
1st – Dwaynne Almonte
2nd – Starlin Polanco
3rd – Sylvester “Doogie” Eduardo
4th – Liam McCabe

1st – Ruslan Yarkovskiy
2nd – Brett McConnell
3rd – Brandon Johnson

Thanks as always to 5Boro’s Steve Rodriguez, Maloof Money Cup and Indigenous Skate Shop for sponsoring the event and huge thanks to everyone who came out to skate & watch. We shot some photos for everyone who couldn’t make it. Enjoy!


sequence from today: Matt Cartledge