Summer is just around the corner and New York’s biggest skateboard companies recently put out some fresh new decks. In the past few weeks we’ve posted new decks from Hopps & Naysayer… now let’s take a look at what’s new from 5Boro, Shut and Zoo York.

5Boro added over a dozen new boards to their collection including a new “Modern Art” series covering each borough. New graphics include the “5B Empire”, “Join, or Die”, “Old English” & “Team Script” (the last two are also available as cruisers).

Shut’s newest series: “5th Avenue” dropped yesterday along with (3) new graphics: “Empirically”, “Dropshadow” & “Outfitters”. They also released a new Vans x Rodney Smith cruiser which is sure to promote the Vans New York Skateboarding sneaker due out this Summer.


Zoo York’s new Bridge Wars pro series decks feature photos of New York’s iconic bridges shot by Sean Cronan. The series continues Zoo’s obsession with imagery that makes New York… New York!

Our Favorites:

  1. 5Boro’s Modern Art Series: Manhattan – this one’s a no-brainer since it’s got the Astor Cube!
  2. Shut’s Vans x Rodney Smith Cruiser – pure respect for Rodney Smith and psyched on the colab!
  3. We plan to hang the entire Zoo York Bridge Wars series up on our wall, great photography!

What’s your favorite?