Back in the day in 2002, Kerel Roach (ABC crew) and Bryan Chin ( came up with an idea for the “All City Skate Jam.” Basically bringing it back to the early 90’s when skating was more about skating all day with all your homies(and anyone else who was out) and less about cliques and spots that no one wanted to share. So the ABC crew and picked Sunday, July 14, 2002 as the day it would go off. The flyer was made and the info was posted online, and that Sunday was the first real mass skate/takeover of the city.

Then in 2003, the skateboard industry, led by great advocates like Don Brown, Justin Regan and the IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies),came up with the concept of a“Go Skateboarding Day,” which has actually become a recognized official holiday of skateboarding. June 21st from there on out was the day that global celebrations/jams/contests would be held in honor of this holiday.

Steve Rodriguez (2003) - photo by Allen Ying

Then in 2004, Emerica upped the ante with its first ever “Wild in the streets”, which took place here in NYC – bringing a crew of AMs and Pros who, with the help of the skaters of NYC and whoever could make it into the city that day, really took over the streets and spots downtown.

Aaron Suski (2004) - photo by Allen Ying

All of the above have contributed to what goes on in NYC on June 21st each year. From the All City Skate Jam to Wild in the Streets to what we now call “Go Skateboarding Day.” It is a day of citywide skate jams at spots and parks and for those who want to go with the pack. 5boro has worked with city officials each year since 2004 to get the permits/insurance/support to organize meet up spots/best trick contests and with the help of generous sponsors, lots of free product at the end of the day!

This year, presenting sponsors Maloof Money Cup and 5boro have taken it to the next level by starting out in Queens at the freshly renovated Maloof Cup Park. It was just weeks ago that Greg Lutzka and Dennis Busenitz battled it out for

$160G’s for first place prize money on the same course. Supporting sponsors Volcom, Vans, CCS, Redbull and the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn will make it possible to continue the session at the L.E.S. skatepark in Manhattan and end at McCarren Park in Brooklyn, where we will have the street closed off to end the event with a big block party in front of the Skatepark.

Thanks to everyone who will come out to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day in NYC – you make it one of the largest, if not the largest, single gatherings of skateboarders in the world – in the greatest city in the world…

– Steve Rodriguez

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