We had an amazing time at this year’s Go Skateboarding Day (presented by 5Boro & Maloof Money Cup)! Massive amounts of skateboarders from all over came out to skate New York travelling all the way from Flushing, Queens to the LES, NYC then over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Skateboarders took over the streets & subways in record breaking numbers. Each location had a contest giving skaters a chance to win their share of the $5,000 purse as everyone got to witness some dope skating (trick of the day for us was Clint Walker’s steezy sex change over the 9 rail at the Maloof park). The day ended at KCDC with a steamy Naysayer & CODA video premieres where Chad Muska & Lizard King signed some autographs.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and all the sponsors (Maloof Money Cup, Vans, CCS, Red Bull, Volcom & Open Space Alliance) who helped Steve Rodriguez make the event happen. Enjoy the photos & clips below and remember every day is go skateboarding day!

Contest Winners:
Ke’Chaud Johnson (City Stars) – Maloof Best Trick
Sylvester “Doogie” Eduardo (5Boro) – LES Best Trick
Luis Tolentino (Shut) – McCarren Long Ollie



Go Skateboarding Day NYC – Maloof Cup Park, Queens (2011)



Go Skateboarding Day NYC – LES Park, NYC (2011)


On the way to McCarren we ran into Shut’s Michael Cohen at The Charleston with Muska & Lizard King so we took a break. Time flew by and then we realized it was already time to hit up KCDC for the Naysayer/Coda premiere. (sorry for the void of McCarren photos)

KCDC was packed and steamy so we chilled outside, watched a little couch session and then headed out for the night.

Later on Lizard King came through rockin a pretty dope sticker on his Pink Floyd shirt. Brengar was down for the photo op.


Video Recap via POW!! Skateboards

9 Stair Contest via Eddie Gerry

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