Jeremy Elkin’s Poisonous Products video premiered at La MaMa Theater (NYC) last night and raked in a full house for both showings. The vid had a great mix of tricks, choice of skateboarders (ams, pros, friends & lurkers), music, street spots and consisted of all lines all filmed in New York. Filming was super tight, good quality night footage and maintained a consistent look throughout the vid. Joseph Delgado’s part got the most applause as it was steezy as hell (not to mention he skates to some classic Lil’ Kim). Overall the vid was dope, definitely pickup the DVD if not for the lines but out of support. Congrats to Jeremy and everyone else involved in the vid!

Video Recap via Theories of Atlantis

For more background on the project check this interview with Jeremy Elkin by Josh Stewart on the Color Magazine site. In the meantime watch some Poisonous Products teasers below:

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