photo by Emilio Cuilan via

Quartersnacks posted the unfortunate news that Autumn skate shop is closing down today. According to the post – Owner, Dave Mims is deciding how he wants to proceed with the shop, and is still potentially re-opening in another East Village location come springtime. There is also the possibility of turning Autumn into something else down the line (e.g. more projects like the Autumn Bowl), but everything is still very much up in the air. Read the full Quartersnacks post here.

There is some good news though, Autumn has relaunched their website fully equipped with an online store. Autumn shirts, hats and decks are available along with some classics like the “TINO IS MY HOMEBOY” shirt. The site also has a Video Room & Blog section which you can follow in the meantime.

For now it looks like Autumn is taking a little breather, huge thanks to Dave and the Autumn crew for all they’ve done in the past 10 years. We’re hoping to hear some good news in 2012 (fingers crossed).