We seriously can’t believe that this is our 1,000th post! Looking back since our first post on May 1st, 2009 we’ve been able to do some really cool stuff, meet great people and help promote the New York Skateboarding community. Now, almost 3 years later we’re proud to look back and see what we’ve accomplished.

Looking Back at NYSB (2009 – 2012)

– 2009 –

July, 2009First NYSkateboarding.com post goes live. We then officially launched July 1st, 2011.

October, 2009 – SkateDaily.net featured us as Site Of The Week, we were stoked!

– 2010 –

January, 2010 – We gave the site it’s first facelift (v1.2). Crazy to look back and see how it looked back then. Blogger and mad widgets!

January, 2010 – We stepped out of the blog world and partnered with Steve Rodriguez to launch our first online contest titled “The Best Line in New York Clip Contest”. Some great lines were submitted and in the end Nate Rojas won. We celebrated his win at the This Time Tomorrow NYC Premiere and handed over a $1k check along with a bunch of  product. A huge achievement for us – thanks Steve for all of your support always!

June, 2010 – We were published for the first time in The Skateboard Mag’s News section thanks to our friends over at SkateDaily.net. Did we mention that Derek Rinaldi is one of the best dudes ever?

June, 2010 – We worked on our first major feature; The Maloof Money Cup and covered everything from the ground breaking and construction to the actual contest. Also, we held our first ticket giveaway and gave NYSB fans access to one of New York’s largest skate events ever.

July, 2010 – We completed our 3rd video with the talented Mike Distelkamp showcasing Park Deli skateshop in Brooklyn, NY. We promise to do more of these in the future. Support your local skate shop!

September, 2010 – We were featured in the Skateboard Mag’s SKLOG section by on of our favorite bloggers, Templeton Elliot.

– 2011 –

January, 2011 – Shawn Haarstick came on board as Creative Director and designed a new look for the site. NYSB v2.0 went live and we said peace to Blogger.

February, 2011 – We couldn’t believe it when we saw our NYSB Cube sticker up on a huge Vans billboard painted across an entire building in Brooklyn, NY. The board in the photo actually belonged to NYSB Ambassador EJ Spindler and was shot by Tony Momento at the House of Vans opening party (one of our favorite events to this day). EJ also beat Julien Stranger in a kickflip battle that night, unforgettable to say the least!

June, 2011 – We recapped The Maloof Money Cup and started working on a feature video about the contest and its impact on the New York skateboarding community (still a work in progress). We also held our second ticket giveaway and gave NYSB fans access once again to one of New York’s largest skate events ever.

June, 2011 – VRMH’s Michael Hurley came on board as our official Editor & Filmer after partnering with us for over 6 months. Here’s a recap of all the videos we’ve produced together in 2011. Thanks Hurley!

September, 2011 – We released 4 shirts and launched the NYSB Store to sell shirts along with stickers to supporters. Orders shipped all around the world as far as New Zealand, Japan & Italy.



Now that 2012 is here we’re a little more settled in and look to expand our family with talented writers, photographers, filmers, editors and web developers. In return they get exposure and you get more content! We started putting out surveys to get a feel for what you want and we’ll try our best to make it happen. Here’s some awesome feedback we received in the first round of surveys when we asked what people like about the site:

“Daily Information/News/Events of what goes on in this city (first place i check for events). Promoting all skaters that submit content all over, great coverage of the major events. Strong presence on all the social media sites…”

“How its all about New York skateboarding. I love it. All about New York. Everything going down, so much coverage and information on when and where events are happening. It’s great.”

“It keeps me posted on the relevant skateboarding news within the city. Its great to never have to miss another skateshop sale, team appearance/signing and other events of interest. I also enjoy watching videos of quality skating shot here locally.”


Thank You!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped out the site  through the years, our Facebook &  Twitter fans, our contributors, anyone who bought a shirt, stickers or participated in one of our contests. Thanks to all the sites who linked us up… especially Quartersnacks & SkateDaily. HUGE THANKS to all the New York skateboarders, skate shops & skateboard companies… NYSkateboarding.com wouldn’t exist without you!

NYSB - EJ, Hurley, Shawn & Rick (photo by Graham Hiemstra)

Looking Back – Some NYSB Firsts: