Recap & Photos by Eby Ghafarian: Thursday night, while heading over to the final Skate Night of the season at KCDC, I decided to stop by Gristle Tattoo’s “All Hands On Deck” art show on N. 8th Street. After all, it was on the way to KCDC. I get there soaking from the rain and tried to slide through the packed shop, passing up on the snacks and drinks to just get a peek at all the art. It seems more like a tattoo shop crowd than a skate crowd, as would be expected. There were some pretty sick boards, as well as some aesthetically challenged pieces. They were priced from around $150 to $800 to “priceless.” I did some people arranging to make space to snap these photos of some of the better pieces then was out to shred KCDC’s miniramp.