The owners of New York’s newest indoor park – 110 Skate Park (Farmingdale, NY) recently announced that the grand opening will be delayed. Their newsletter also clarified more about session fees – a major concern for everyone is the high priced session fee for non-members. They state that their intention is to reward frequent visitors ($100 annual membership holders). Non-members will pay more ($16 per session) and potentially not be able to enter the park if it’s full with members on the weekends. If you’re a non-member best bet is to take advantage of discounted session rates on weekdays. After opening they hope to “better evaluate the overall price structure and offer additional session discounts”. We’re looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds in the next few months and we’ll keep you posted.

Read the Newsletter below:

After starting the renovation process there have been some delays so we will need more time before announcing the grand opening. We are doing everything possible to expedite the process and looking forward to opening the doors!!

The membership response has been overwhelming and we want to thank everyone who already signed up. Besides the benefits already listed on the website we will be adding more benefits before we open, as well as, during the course of the year. Our intention is to reward those who are loyal to the skatepark and support us by frequently visiting. The 110 Skatepark will be more than just another skatepark. We are offering you not only an indoor layout that will accommodate all riding levels but an overall atmosphere that is exciting, clean, safe and comfortable for everyone, along with the service you need to improve your skills.

For those who prefer not to become a member, but still plan on visiting on a regular basis, we will be offering discounted session rates for the weekdays. After we open we will have a better understanding of the overall traffic and will be able to offer additional discounts especially for those who frequently come to the skatepark. Building a premier indoor skatepark at this large scale and with all the additional amenities is not an easy or a cheap undertaking, so please keep that in mind. As we progress after opening, we will be able to better evaluate the overall price structure and offer additional session discounts.

As previously mentioned, due to the high demand to enter the park during the initial opening weeks, members will have preference to ride the park. Non-members will be on a waiting list and will be able to enter a session only if the session is not already full. We will also be coordinating a number of sponsored events during the initial few weeks and will announce them once the dates are locked in.