5Boro launches 2012 with a new video and accommodating deck series influenced by Benjamin Franklin’s iconic political cartoon “Join, or Die”. 5B released the following description about the series now available at local shops:

This series of decks compliments the soon to release full-length video “Join, Or Die” premiering February 16th in NYC, and online February 24th. Each deck is illustrated to our pro’s individual influence on the Join or Die snake, our latest mascot, next to our pigeon. In order of appearance above: Dan Pensyl, Joe Tookmanian, Guillaume Dulout (France), Akira Ishizawa (Japan), Willy Akers, Danny Falla and Rafael Gomes (Brazil).

The “Join, or Die” graphic and statement are a direct reference from Ben Franklin’s drawing made in 1754 visually strengthening his campaign for colonial unity. The snake has been re-illustrated into five pieces to represent TheBronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island which collectively form NYC. For the 5boro Crew, the statement represents the dedication and brotherhood maintained since 1996.

The Join or Die Pro Series was designed by 5boro’s design family a.k.a. “5boro Projects” including: Raza Uno, Grotesk, Matt Tapia, Yaiagift and Mark Nardelli.

Visit our Events Calendar for upcoming 5Boro “Join, or Die” video premieres.