5Boro packed out Santos Party House last night for the “Join, or Die” world premiere. Fans waited outside on a huge line wrapping around the block… in the rain, no less. At 8PM the doors opened and the venue filled to capacity in no time. Steve Rodriguez, Mark Nardelli and Tombo Colabraro took to the stage and thanked everyone for waiting out in the rain and then introduced vid. Willy Akers had the first part, and then (in true skateboarding video premiere fashion) the video system crashed and had to be rebooted. On the second run everything was cool and the crowd cheered on as they watched 7 years of hard work up on the big screen.  Congratulations to 5Boro for cranking out an awesome vid and thanks to Supra & Red Bull for sponsoring the event! Photos from throughout the night below, video recap should be up next week.

Also, don’t forget about the upcoming shop premieres and the online Thrasher Premiere scheduled for 2/24/2012 (new promo clip below):