This past Saturday (2/25), KCDC hosted their last party at the N. 11th Street location in Williamsburg. Before you get depressed or start crying…no, they are not going out of business. They are simply moving on to greener pastures. Greener does not mean bigger, however. On the contrary, in fact; resulting in their lovely miniramp departing from the family (at least directly). So to send the ramp and old digs out, Amy Gunther and the rest of the KCDC crew threw another amazing party.

Free PBR, a miniramp jam/contest, great people, and a special performance by former KCDC rider and newly announced Zoo York am, Black Dave (BD). Speaking of BD, my favorite lyrics come from his Black Donald Trump song: He’s wacker/ I’m blacker/Daver. So good! All the regulars came out to kill the miniramp too: Patrick Galloway, Dan Carriero, Dylan James, Pat Hoblin, Ray Wong, Bill Pierce, Chris Kent, Jayme Lemperle, etc. Every few parties, someone makes it a point to huck off the top rafters into the ramp. This time it was John Gardner with a nose blunt yank in. I’m not sure who (if anyone) won the contest, but I think it was Pat Galloway. If it wasn’t, it should have been. In fact, he should win everything. He is the best.

Clip by NYSB Contributor –  Patrick Galloway

I have probably professed my undying love for KCDC many times before, but I will do it again. I, as well as (I am sure) many others, have spent a lot of time there over the years. It was the place I’d go if I had nowhere else to go. My default destination, if you will. It is the shop you can go lurk and talk skateboarding. While the new shop may not have the ramp, the spirit of KCDC will still be alive and I will continue to support them 100% in their third location, as I hope you will.

Photos by NYSB Contributor – Marco Hernandez

KCDC will be closed for the month of March for the transition, but will be back in full swing in April at the new location. Long live KCDC (and all core shops for that matter). Support your local shop (s), because you will regret when you don’t have any left.

Words by: Eby Ghafarian
Photos by: Marco Hernandez
Video by: Patrick Galloway

Contest Results via John Fudala:
Novice- 1st Place – Elvin Rodriguez
Teamwork/Doubles – TJ Schick & Pat Hoblin
Doubles Best Trick – Dan Carriero frontside finger flip over Pat Smith
Best Trick John Gardner – Noes blunt off the rafters into the ramp
Girls – Lauren Andino from the band True Ghoul
Best Combos – Dan Carrero

Much thanks to the contest sponsors: Bones, Rockstar Bearings, Gro Riders and of course KCDC.

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