We had the honor of interviewing John Cardiel last Friday (4/20) down at Chrome NYC about his new bag series with Chrome along with some behind the scenes stories about the promo clips… definitely check out the new series. Designed by the man himself, it’s a 3-pack attack travel system that includes The OrbThe Shank, and The Fortnight.  Let Cardiel introduce them all to you below…  ALL HAIL CARDIEL!

After the interview we headed down to the promo party at Sweet & Vicious with Alex Corporan, Cardiel and a crew. Jeff Pang, Julien Stranger, Jack Sabback and Danny Falla were just some of the names in attendance, while Gizmo DJ’d. We had a great time; big thanks to Alex Corporan and of course John Cardiel for making it happen!


Chrome x Cardiel Promo Clips 





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