UXA is a deep-rooted New York skateboarding brand created by Peter Huynh, Jeff Pang & Peter Bici and has been making some big moves lately. The biggest news [which you’ve probably heard already] is their guest deck with Zered Basset but it doesn’t stop there. They teamed up with Vans and held an Old Man Monday on Memorial Day weekend at the House of Vans where skateboarding legends, all over 30 years old threw down (check Michael Cirelli’s video recap embedded below). UXA has also ditched blogger and launched a new site that will include an online shop which is set to open this Saturday (6/9/2012). Keep an eye on UXA to see what they do next!

UXA x OLD Man Monday x HOV by Michael Cirelli

Group Shot via Michael Cirelli

Photos via NYSB 

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