RedBull held the world finals for the AM Manny Mania contest here in NYC on Saturday. Skateboarders from all over the world came to New York’s Coleman skate park and battled it out for the championship title. Brazil’s JP Dantas got 1st, Mohamed Saouti (left) came in 2nd and Brandon Bandula (right) took 3rd. Mad manuals went down combining flip in flip out to grinds & slides… the contest was definitely entertaining. The Supra team was also there kicking off their Summer tour signing autographs and giving away some shirts. After the contest 150 skateboarders were invited to skate the course granted they had a set of 5Boro x Andale golden wheels. After everything we headed up to Epstein’s and closed out the evening.

Overall we had a great time, check the pics, links & sequences below. Thank you to RedBull for throwing such a great event here in NYC!

1st Joao Pedro Dantas – Brazil
2nd Mohamed Saouti – Belgium
3rd Brandon Bandula – Canada
4th Jeremias Delgado – Finland
5th Dan Corrigan – USA (props for skating a Homage deck!)
6th Douwe Macare – Netherlands
7th Sandro Moral – Argentina
8th Mark Issa – UAE
9th Moses Adams – South Africa
10th Fernan Origel – Mexico
11th Jose David Velez – Colombia
12th Augusto De Ferari Lasser – Bolivia
13th Axel Wellton – Sweden

photos & sequences via NYSB contributor – Peter Pabon

video recap via Skateboarder Magazine

more photos & sequences via NYSB

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