For it’s first time ever Bowl-a-Rama comes to NYC’s Pier 62 skate park. Masters & Pros will compete in the bowl to claim their piece of the purse. We’ve had some questions about the event so here’s some answers. Event info will be posted throughout the week.

Q. What is B0wl-a-Rama?
A. Bowl-a-Rama is a major bowl contest that originated in Australia.

Q. Can I buy tickets to Bowl-a-Rama NYC?
A. No, tickets are not for sale. Tickets have been distributed to selective shops & brands in NY.

Q. I can’t get tickets anywhere, this sucks!
A. Tickets are only for seating areas, come early and claim your part of the standing area.

Q. Can I skate during the event?
A. No, the event will be using the entire skate park throughout the day.

Q. Is Bowl-a-Rama a multi-day contest?
A. No, the contest is only on Saturday but there are some events leading up to the contest.

Q. What happens if it rains on Saturday?
A. The rain date will be Sunday, we will confirm via Facebook & Twitter.

Q. Who will be skating in Bowl-a-Rama NYC?
A. We have a list of the Masters & Pros here.