Veteran NYC skateboarder & one of Shut’s founders – Bruno Musso hit us up regarding a project he’s been working on. It’s a Plan B documentary for Alli Sports with new parts dropping every Monday for two months. Here’s what Brunno had to say about the project:

 It’s been a fun one to work on.

Teams are a funny thing in skateboarding. Some are a bunch of guys paid to ride for the same company, and some are much more than that. Legacy The history of Plan B skateboarding looks at the PLan B team today, closing in on the drop of it’s new video and looks back on the Roots of Plan B. Which began with the best team in skateboarding , dropping Questionable, a video that set the bar for videos to come. Interviews with old team riders and new ones combined with skate footy from the beginning tell the story.

I remember Duffy 50/50ing the double kink and back lip down the 12 stair in the rain, can’t say that about any other videos I watched 20 years ago, can’t wait to see whats in the new PLan B video. – BM


Part I 

Part II