New Yorkers have survived the worst kinds of tragedies through one singular tenet: we do what we have to do, and we do it together. Many communities were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and in the wake of this catastrophic disaster, a small group of New Yorkers have banded together to do what they can to give what they have.

From that desire came Bring Back the Boardwalks, a non-profit fundraising event focused on providing relief to the Far Rockaway and Coney Island communities. A large network of artists and people who simply want to help have come together with an overwhelming outpouring of support. Artists and designers, craftsmen and celebrities — including Spike Jonze, Futura 2000, Michael Halsbad, Elijah Wood, Adrian Grenier, Tom Sachs, Jason Goldwatch and more — immediately volunteered to donate time and resources to the cause, as well as their works of art for silent auction to raise funds to help those in need and to rebuild the communities that brought us all together.

Help rebuild these devastated communities. Please join us on November 17th and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to help our neighbors through the tragedy of a lifetime.

Proceeds from Bring Back the Boardwalks will directly benefit individuals suffering from the loss of their homes and their belongings, who need food, water, clothing, and vital resources right now.

Thank you.

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