Thanks to DQM we were able to attend the NYC premiere of “Pretty Sweet“, Girl & Chocolate’s latest video and one of the most anticipated skate videos of 2012. Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Eric Koston, Brian Anderson, Gino Iannucci to name a few who were in attendance. Spike Jonze had some friends attend as well including Mike D from the Beastie Boys, Michael Rapaport and Kanye West.

“Pretty Sweet” begins with a tribute to the late Keenan Milton which is then followed by another epic intro. Parts flow throughout the video with some hilarious special effects in the mix. Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano and Elijah Berle got the most buzz but everyone ripped as expected. Gino has 4 tricks, Pappalardo was MIA and the ending is a perfect montage of all the skateboarding legends including Harold Hunter (via Reda).

For anyone who couldn’t make it down or get tickets we shot some pics, check them below. We should have a short video recap up this week. Huge thanks to DQM for setting up the NYC premiere and props to Girl & Chocolate for making an another amazing skate video!