Complex put together 50 facts about Supreme that you might not know. A few of our favorites include:

It cost around $12,000 to open Supreme back in 1994.

Gio Estevez was Supreme’s first hire in 1994.

Aaron Bondaroff dropped out of high school in 1992, got caught shoplifting from Union
and started working at Supreme in 1994.

The initial Supreme skate team was comprised of Ryan Hickey, Justin Pierce, Gio Estevez,
Peter Bici, Mike Hernandez, Jones and Chris Keefe, Loki and Paul Leung.

Mark “Gonz” Gonzales used to send postcards to the NYC shop,
sometimes addressed to Harold Hunter at “Supream.”

Supreme’s first official in-house lookbook wasn’t until 2009.

Supreme paid $20,000 to buy out a parody brand called Shortypop in 2010,
which was named after a Niketalk member and featured photos of her.

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