Long Island designer Chris Hoenigmann hit us up about releasing his first official collection for Stay Loose Long Island. Stay Loose is a Long Island cultural brand based out of Amityville, NY and is focused around positivity, creativity and community. After dropping a few shirt/hat combos every day on their site throughout the end of March they’ve decided to maintain a certain level of exclusivity with their merch by printing short runs and small quantities (most pieces never return to production). Not just focused on product Stay Loose is building a team and has committed to getting out in the community and making their product accessible outside of the internet at events like the 2013 Warped Tour at Nassau Coliseum, town festivals or just hitting up skate spots.


If you have a minute, please check out the Stay Loose site where they just launched “Mix & Match beta” where you can click through the collection, mix and match different combos and create something that fits your style. Stay Loose is also on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.