Northern Company is a new company out of Long Island started by Steve Fletch & Mike Gigante (formerly of Seagle). With the help of team rider Mike Lent (KuatoLives2084) Norther Company is making moves towards a small & simplistic brand. They’re going to be dropping frequent clips including a bunch of friends clips to be titled “Strangers Clips” showcasing the talents their friends and bringing them some exposure.

“They’re very cooperative and understanding of what skateboarding means to me and what I’m trying to display to others. Just skate, have fun and film it when the time is right. They are very supportive of what I do and now with all of their ideas to give back and “support local” by helping out the local skate scene” – Mike Lent.

Not just selling boards and making clips the Northern Company is helping construct a DIY spot out in Brentwood, NY. They want to be an inspiration for kids to experience all levels of skateboarding. Long Island is pretty dried up as far as solid brands/having a scene goes but hopefully this will get the ball rolling and start to create something for Long Island as a whole.


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