Colin Read (Mandible Claw) raised the bar last week with his new skateboarding film titled “TENGU” (the Japanese god of mischief). Heads from all over came through to the NYC premiere at Sunshine Cinema and packed out the theatre. Prior to the film Colin thanked all the sponsors and everyone who came out in support and after a few promos (Prize Fighter, Volcom and our first promo) it was time for TENGU. The film started off with an amazing montage of rooftop tricks (guaranteed to go viral in the next few months) and then onto NYC including the infamous Subway montage and the already viral Subway tracks ollie. In addition to NYC TENGU covers SF, Tokyo and Bordeaux as well all shot throughout the past two years.

Congratulations to Colin and of course everyone in the vid for making an amazing skateboard film! Check some photos from the NYC premiere below. This film is a must see and will be coming out on DVD once Colin is finished with the other premieres (we will keep you posted).

Photos via Peter Pabón: