Sunday, October 20th was the Riverside Skate Jam and about 350 people came through to check it out. The skate jam was put together by NYC skateboarders and some local skate brands pitched in and sponsored the event. Riverside skate park (aka Andy Kessler Memorial Skate Park) is now closed for the Winter, we will let everyone know when it reopens. Here’s some photos and a video recap for anyone who couldn’t make it down.

Ian Clarke helped organize the event and would like to thank the following for their support (in alphabetical order): Jaime Affoumado, Haluk Luke Ayata, Tom Barnhart, Chris Bell, Brian Brown, Irene Ching, John Grigley, Dan Habu, Anthony Fischetti , John Fudala, Danielle De Jesus, Noel Korman, Ricky Mujica, Julian Melendez, John O’Malley, Joe Rockman, JJ Rudisill, Jimmy Soloday, Nadia De Souza Ferreyra, Jacob Tillman, Jermone Vital, Tony West and DeWayne Williams.

Under 40s Vert Results:
1st Jacob Tillman
2nd Tim O’Neil
3rd Austin Hufnagel (12)
4th Eric Tillman
4th Alex Santiago
4th Dean Mendez
4th Anthony Taylor
4th Dylan Lake

Masters Vert Results:
1st Bryan Montez
2nd Ivory Serra
3rd Jim Murphy
4th J.J. Rudisill
4th John Fudala

Highest Wall Ride Results:
1st Dylan Laker (13’-6”)
2nd Erik Tiktin (12’-6”)
3rd Shane (12’-3”)

Beginner’s Mini Ramp Results:
1st Adam Albino
2nd Max West
3rd Evan Tarozzi
4th Cian Jehu
4th Lieth Jehu

Intermediate Results:
1st Steven Russo
2nd Milo Richardson
3rd Jack Discon
4th Ousmane Miame
4th Kenny Gonzalas

Video recap via Ray Llanos

Photos via Daniel DeJesus: