Chris Nadziejko, filmer & editor of the Belief Skate Shop video – “Ever Upward” has made the full video available on Vimeo along with some DVD extra clips. “Ever Upward” features skating in and around the 5 boroughs of NYC, as well as upstate New York/tri-state area with some Cali, Florida & Canada footage. It features: Victor Reyes, Ricardo Castaneda, Alejandro Batista, Karim Callender (with a guest appearance from Steven Lora), Raffie Gordon (with an appearance from Phil Gordon & a guest appearance from Jose Pereyra), Jamel Marshall, 2nd Nature Skate Shop Section, Humza Deas, The Homies Section, Joseph Gil (also introducing Dennis Miron) and Dustin Younie (with a guest appearance from Chris Nadziejko & Matt Goodwine). Watch it all embedded below.

For individual parts check the Belief YouTube channel.