On Saturday night we headed up to Nyack, NY just outside the NYC to attend the Deckade fundraiser. To help collect money to build a local skate park they charged between $50-$100 for admission and inside had a silent auction and raffled off some Chocolate Skateboards product. Free drinks, food and they had a live band and a DJ but nothing was more entertaining than to view the infamous Bobshirt skateboard collection. The Bobshirt skateboard collection includes decks from throughout the 1990’s from brands like Chocolate, Real, World Industries, Cream, Blind, Plan B, 101, Planet Earth, Girl, Stereo, Menace, Aesthetics and more. The best display of 1990’s skateboarding graphics we have ever seen taking older skateboards for a trip down memory lane. We shot some photos and a little clip from the night, peep them below.

If you’re interested in helping support Nyack get a skate park follow the official website or Facebook page for news and upcoming events. Big thanks to everyone who put together the Deckade event and of course everyone who came out in support!