We hit up Queens native and Zoo York AM Kevin Tierney with some questions for our latest Q&A interview. Peep his answers below mixed up with some photos via Sean Cronan.


NYSB: You’re a true Queens local, could you see yourself living in any other borough?
KT: I definitely could, I’ve been here to long, don’t get me wrong I love Queens but…

NYSBOver the years what trick are you most proud of pulling at Flushing?
KT: Um it’ll be in Static 4, so when that drops you’ll know so watch it!

NYSBWhat’s the sickest trick you’ve ever seen done at Flushing?
KT: Mike Carroll feebled it! And Chaz [Ortiz] back 180 nose grind is a crazzzzzzy one!

NYSBTell us a little about how your relationship with Zoo York began?
KT: I was always a huge fan of Zoo. I always watched Heads, Peep This, Mixtapes, EST’s… RB [Umali] killed it on those vids and I watch them still to this day. So basically I always wanted to skate for them – I love the image, the company and finally got the TM’s email at the time which was Seamus Deegan. I sent him a tape and I guess Zered [Bassett] saw it and was hyped and told me at a mini ramp party that they were gonna start hooking me up.

NYSBMixtape is a piece of history, what’s your favorite part?
KT: C’mon the whole video!

NYSB: The King of New York video just dropped, what trick are you most stoked on in that?
KT: Westgate’s front lip at the end… what a beast.

NYSBYou grew up skating the Brooklyn Banks, can you remember your first experience there?
KT: I can’t remember the first, but it was the spot you could go to at anytime and not get kicked out…  and do what you had to do.

NYSBI remember seeing your ankle last year after GSD and it was pretty nasty. What happened and how long were you out for?
KT: It’s finally better, it swells a little some times but yeah a couple months.

NYSBYou did some art for Belief skate shop, tell us a little about the work you’ve been doing off of the board.
KT: Basically I have this weird thing with trains, I love them. Been on the train every day for years I think there so eerie and dope basically is like a stamp of New York also and it means a lot to me. So I just like to draw them, crazy ones… like whatever I like doing it. People tell me to try other drawings and stuff but I like drawing trains.

NYSBBronze has become pretty popular in 2013, what’s Bronze all about?
KT: Yea it’s awesome, I’ve been trying to help them as much as possible, Peter [Sidlauskas] who made the videos has been a good friend of mine since I started skating. We filmed multiple parts and I believe he’s a film genius, watch out for him! Bronze bronze !!!!

NYSBYou and [Black] Dave Willis have come up together, do you have a favorite Black Dave track?
KT: Yea man same with Dave basically we were best friends when I was younger and he would always get me hyped to skate… and yeah “Million Man March” that song is ill!

NYSBAny plans or goals for 2014?
KT: To get healthier and more fit. Try to go to yoga on the regs, stack some money, film a bunch and wait for Static 4 to come out. I know it’s either gonna come out this year or 2026.. can’t wait!

Thanks to Kevin and Ben at Zoo for making this interview happen. Check Kevin’s footage in Zoo York’s latest video “King of New York” and follow him on Instagram @youngkev.