With more snow and slush hitting New York, here are some weekly indoor skate sessions set to continue throughout the Winter. Huge thanks to Homage, KCDC and Vans for making these happen!


Each Monday Homage Brooklyn skate shop opens up their indoor TF to the 30+ crowd for “Old Man Mondays”. Session runs from 7PM – 10PM and has a $5 suggested donation.

Address: 615 Degraw St. Brooklyn NY 11217



Vans invites you to skate the House of Vans and hooks you up with free pizza and Pabst (for the 21+). Session requires RSVP to [email protected] and runs from 7PM – 11PM.

Address: 25 Franklin Street Brooklyn NY 11222




KCDC has a mini ramp at 99 Attorney St. in Manhattan and will host a 21+ Skate Night with music, giveaways and free Pabst from 8PM – 11PM.

Address: 99 Attorney Street, New York, NY 10002




Homage TF opens again from 7PM – 10PM but this time it’s for all ages. Waiver is required and a $5 donation is suggested.

Address: 615 Degraw St. Brooklyn NY 11217



For additional events or updated event info make sure to follow our Event Calendar. Days with no events… make sure to help support your local indoor skate park like 2nd Nature, Oil City, The Bridge or else there will be more news like this.

* all events are subject to change and may have limited capacity