Supreme is NYC’s oldest skate shop still in business, originally opening in 1994 it has become a mega international street wear brand throughout the past decade. In 1996 Supreme introduced NYC skateboarding to the world in issue #18 of 411VM’s Industry section. They used Thomas Campbell’s film “A Love Supreme” which was filmed around 1995 originally 16 minutes long but the 411 version got condensed to 3 minutes. Pre ZY Mixtape and right around the time Dan Wolfe’s Eastern Exposure Zero, this would spark a love for East Coast skateboarding around the world.

Now after 20 years in business Supreme is close to dropping a much anticipated full skate video by Bill Strobeck titled “cherry”. Bill (some may remember as “Fat Bill”) is known for his earlier work filming for Alien Workshop & Habitat, notably Jason Dill’s part in “Photosynthesis”. “cherry” is almost 2 years in the making and will feature a great mix of shop locals and big name talent like Gonz, Koston, Jason Dill, AVE, Alex Olson, Dylan Reider and even Anthony Pappalardo. To read more about “cherry” check the Quartersnacks interview with Bill Strobeck. Peep the teaser embedded below.