Here’s Part II of our interview with NYSB’s newest member – Alex Corporan. Check out the basics, this or that answers, his firsts & lasts and New York favorites & opinions below. If you haven’t already, make sure to read Part I of his interview.


The Basics:

Name: Alex Corporan

Currently Living: Washington Heights

What year did you start skating? 1986

What’s your favorite spot of all time?
The Brooklyn Banks because it changed my life. It was more than being a skate spot, it was the meeting of the minds. Everyone from every borough would come skate the banks and skate all day.

Where would you like to skate/visit in the future? I would actually love to re-visit Barcelona. Skating there was so awesome, that place was made for skateboarders.


This or That:

Alex 5050 (photo via Reda)

Alex 5050 (photo via Reda)

Heelflips or Kickflips? Heelflips

Grinds or Slides? Grinds

Regular or Goofy? Regular

Nollie or Fakie? Fakie

Pants or Shorts? Pants

T’s or Hoodies? T’s

Hi Tops or Lows? Hi Tops

Trucks Tight or Loose? Loose

Backside or Frontside? Backside

Pizza or Tacos? Tacos


Firsts & Lasts:

Skateboard setup?
First: Powell Peralta Tony Hawk Bonite Board, Independent trucks, NmB bearings, Bones wheels
Last: Chocolate Kenny Anderson board, Venture trucks, Rockstar bearings, Spitfire Wheels

First: The Sugarhill Gang
Last: Meticulous Women

Skate Website?
First:  – Skate NYC this site was way ahead of its time I’m talking about dial up super slow days

Skate Crew?
First: S.E.S POSSE (SLEEP EAT & SKATE) consisted of: Freddy Valerio, Giz, Richie Herrera, Nelson Borrero, Mike Hernandez, Loki, Justin Pierce, Arania, Ameer Chebone, Vladimeer Borges, Rob Vracewoks and whoever else I left out you know who you are… Washington Heights baby!!!
Last: SLAPPY SUNDAY – The crew is anyone and everyone that comes to Slappy the Curbs at Astor Place and hang out to have a good ol’ time.

Skate Mag?
First: Thrasher
Last: The Skateboard Mag

First: Ollie
Last: Switch Backside 180 Heelflip

Skate Spot?
First: One of my first skate spots was the George Washington bus Terminal. It has so much to play with. There is super long curbs to learn all kinds of tricks, a sweet manual island pad, Inside you can do all kinds of stuff off the stairs skating on the buttery marble. In the middle of the terminal there’s a sweet loading dock ledge and ramp going down it, a 2 foot high double sided grey ledge, Yellow straight rails and curbs curbs curbs. Best part it’s covered so you can skate there rain, sleet or snow.
Last: Astor place to Slappy the curb at the Cube and all kinds of Flat ground tricks in the middle of the street.


Max Fish RIP


NY Favorites:

Favorite skate spot in New York? All of New York but if I had to narrow it down I would say skating all around midtown after midnight.

Favorite skate shop in New York? Supreme

Favorite NY based skate brand? Shut

Favorite crew to skate with in New York? Anyone that loves to skate and have a good time doing it. Doesn’t matter what level of skating.

Favorite New York based movie? Once Upon a Time in America

Favorite New York based skate video? Zoo York Mixtape

Favorite thing to do in New York off the board? Rooftop BBQ’s, cruising on my bike around the city, spending my summers on the beach in Fire Island and stroll to my local bars.

Favorite place to eat in New York? Ideya BK

Favorite bar in New York? MAX FISH R.I.P. but it’s coming back very soon


NY Opinions:

Illustration by Dom

Alex portrait (Illustration by Dom)

What did you think the first time you skated NYC? The first time I started skating and put my board on the asphalt I was overwhelmed because I looked up and said “Where to now”. Once I started pushing around it was such a blissful feeling because now I have a whole city to play with my friends. Best feeling ever!

What makes New York different than other places to skate? The difference is that you don’t have to drive for hours to a spot. You can easily walk out your door pushing around going to different spots weaving thru traffic which is such an adrenaline rush. If you get tired you can take the Iron Horse anywhere and be somewhere within 20 minutes to any of the spots in the boroughs or just ride a bike and strap you board on your back.

The good of New York? The energy and the raw power it gives you

The bad of New York? The overwhelming change, the people that came to NY originally to be inspired, make some money and then try to change this place into Disneyland. It’s sad because you come to New York because it’s different than any where else, why try to change it into something it’s not? Go back home if you want the house with the White picket fence and the perfect family. Don’t try to build it here, you have it already from wherever you came from.



Any advice to anyone visiting NYC to skate? Skate to have fun… the city is an awesome place. Just respect the locals and you will be 1000% respected and accepted.


Shout Outs/Plugs:

Shout outs to Erick Colon, Big Jim, Spencer Fujimoto,Peter Bici, Ivory& Shelter Serra, Nolan Lee, Rassi Mazdack, Andre Razo, Peter Pabón, Jefferson Pang, Alyasha Moore, Bert Custodio, Simon J. Heath, Ryan Hickey, Pooky, Lauryn Smalls, John Bush, Marc Razo, Sean Kelling, Freddy Valerio, Gizzy Collado, Amy Gunther, Ray Mate, Matt & Mike Bell, HUF, Scott Johnston, Rick Sulz, Shrewgy, Greg Carroll, Matt Sharkey, Brian Jones, Troy & Trent Bush, Greg & Anne marie Dacyshyn, Steven Cales and to all my Friends looking over us in the clouds….. This list can go on and on but your gonna have to cut me off like the Academy Awards hehehe…. Supreme, Slappy Sunday San Diego crew, Old Bastards,Vice, Milk Studios, Krew, KCDC, SPOT, NY Skateboarding, El Señor crew, Max Fish family, Epstein’s Bar… Ok that’s it for now till the next interview.. SK8 4 LIFE!


Interview by Rick Sulz, main photo via Michael HalsbandBig thanks to Alex on taking some time out of his busy day to do this interview. We look forward to having Alex in the fam! Follow Alex on Instagram (@peanut186), on Twitter (@alexcorporan) and his blog “The Peanut Gallery“.