Skateboarding gives you the opportunity to meet so many amazing people in this world, and sharing that common love keeps us bonded forever. Felipe Caicedo is someone we started skating with on Long Island back in the late 90’s, he was probably around 12 years old but was down with the older guys and could skate just as good. For years we would bump into Felipe on and off the board and he always made a point to spend some time and chat a bit. Last time we ran into Felipe was a few years back at the Halloween Hellraiser event where we battled the never ending stairs together all the way up to the Open Road spot on the roof. He never mentioned any health problems but continuously mentioned that he wished he could skate more these days and continued to throw down just like the years before. To our surprise that would be the last time we had the privilege of skating with Felipe Caicedo as he’s recently passed away allegedly from battling cancer. He will be missed by so many… our love and thoughts go out to Felipe’s friends and family. RIP Felipe