Photos & Intro by Ray Mate

Dan Pheo and Chopper Dave put together a private Long Island reunion session at House of Vans every year. This was my first time attending and I got to skate with Frank Gerwer, Matt Bell, Gino Iannucci, Frank Mare, Mike Regan, Bobby Izzo, Mike Lent, Erik Rosetti and Rob DeCamp.  It would’ve been nice if Ben Liversedge popped up or Howie Glover. It was so much fun to see all these familiar faces in the same building.  I can’t lie, I tried to leave 3 times but I didn’t want to miss out on anything.  Skated from 8pm to 1:30am on a Friday night. Some photos and a clip from the night below.

Montage via Dan Pheo & Tyler Kufs: