5Boro has put out their new 5B Airline Series in collaboration with German artist Stefan Marx. Stefan has selected his favorite modern day jets, ranging from his local european domestic flights, the A-320 Shuttle, to his overseas destinations flying aboard the well known 747-800’s, each with his nerdy knowledge of both plane details and print techniques.

5B Airline Series:

5B Airline Series, consists of six planes, five of which have a unique registration number representing one of the five NYC’s five boroughs, (5BNY-BK-1996) consisting of 5BORONYC’s brand / boro abbreviation and establishing year, 1996. The sixth plane, the “JFK” model has a special illustrated graphic wrap including NYC’s iconic Greek Coffee Cup, The Big Apple, A hot spicy slice and our snake mascot comprised of a streaming stack of potato chips, Marx’s favorite snack. On the top of every deck in the series, there is a special graphic listing the names of all our pros, ams, immediate crew that keep 5B operating on the daily, and past rider David Conrards who rode for us after our first tour in Europe 15 years ago. Lastly, each plane has Marx’s signature eyes in the cockpit windshield, a range of print techniques from 10 color spot print on our JFK model to silver foill on our Brooklyn Model, all illustrated in Marx’s hand drawn style.

Deck Sizes:

5B Airline Series Brooklyn 8” X 32”
5B Airline Series Bronx 8.3” X
5B Airline Series Manhattan 8.25” X
5B Airline Series Queens 8” & 8.5” X 32”
5B Airline Series Staten Island 7.8” & 8.125” X 32”
5B Airline Series JFK 8” & 8.25” X 32”