After we posted our 10 New York Spots To Skateboard During Winter feature back in February Pete Scheira introduced us to Jamestown Skate Products. JSP is a skateboarder owned & operated shop/indoor skate park originally opened in 1997 about an hour south of Buffalo in Jamestown, NY. In addition to the shop and park they also press boards. Their location in downtown Jamestown, NY is divided up into two parts: bottom level = shop & board manufacturing, the second floor = a 5,000 sq ft bowl along with a street course & mini-ramp. Park hours are the same as the shop but they live there so after hours sessions are in the mix. Check a clip and some photos of JSP embedded below.

Jamestown Skate Products opened up in 1997 filling the void of a much needed skateshop. Located 1.5hrs south of Buffalo, Jamestown is built around the Allegheny Hills, so it has really fun street spots, insane hill bombs, and two skateparks. JSP has an indoor park on the second floor of their building located in the heart of Downtown Jamestown. Upstairs you’ll find a 5,000sq foot bowl that will keep busy forever, along with a street course and mini-ramp. On the first floor you’ll find the JSP shop, and board manufacturing facility. The JSP is a really friendly crew and loves seeing new faces, so head down to Jamestown to say whats up and skate!


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