KCDC is up against PITCREW in the first ever TWS x Dew Tour Shop Showdown video contest. 16 skate shops compete to create a 3-minute video edit in the span of one month featuring their best shop riders to be judged on creativity, flow, and skill. The top 2 videos will be determined through a blend of audience voting and expert analysis by the TWS edit staff and Pro skateboarders from Mountain Dew.

The final 2 teams will be flown to LA to attend the Dew Tour on 8/13 where the final 2 videos will be broadcasted through the Dew Tour webcast. Viewers can cast their final votes on 8/13 & 8/14 during the webcast. The winning shop will be announced at Dew Tour during the live webcast on Sunday, August 16th. Vote now!