We hit up 50 Kent Ave in Brooklyn, NY for a first look at the temporary Nike skate park. Unveiled on GSD the cement park occupies 22,000 sq ft. and has an amazing view of the NYC skyline. Every style and size transition you can think of spans the entire width of the park. Sitting inside the mass amount of perfect flat ground is an assortment of ledges, manny pads, benches, tables, curbs and a flatbars. The left side has eight stairs with two hubbas and a euro-gap. Hours of operation are Thursday through Sunday 11AM – 7PM and there will be a manager on site enforcing some rules. It’s FREE but they want you to sign a waiver.

Thanks to Nike SB, Steve Rodriguez and the Open Space Alliance – North Brooklyn for making this happen. Too bad it’s only up until Labor Day 9/26 🙁