S​kateboardersOnTintype_3squares_Cacciola Install-9

Specializing in 19th-century photographic processes, Melissa Cacciola has photographed skateboarders using a large-format camera and brass lens. The process requires the subject to sit completely still for an exposure time ranging from 9-12 seconds, resulting in a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal. Unlike contemporary photographic methods which can capture multiple frames per second, Cacciola hand-makes each tintype through a slow, ritualistic process that produces a single, unique plate. Capturing not just a fleeting second but rather a series of moments in time, the tintype requires Cacciola to interact with her subjects on an intimate level frequently overlooked in this digital age.

Her tintype photos are on display now through September 5th, 2015 at Three Squares Studio (444 West 17​Street). Some photos from the gallery, individual works and July 3rd opening below.


Individual Works:

Installation Pics:

The Opening Party:

photos via Olu PR