Feedback, Modus Operandi, Fully Flared, Pretty Sweet, and now We Are Blood. Ty Evans has been making skate videos for the last twenty years, always raising the bar and breaking new ground in what is possible. Once Ty does something, you can expect to see his techniques adopted, adapted, and imitated in videos made long after his final edit hits skateboarding’s collective eyeballs. His newest work will be released this Friday and will have its New York premier in 4K HD on the big screen at 7 pm, August 20th at Ziegfeld Theatre.

In honor of everything Ty Evans has done for skateboarding, Mountain Dew’s Green Label has set up a massive interactive site that answers questions about Ty’s evolution as a Cinematographer through archival footage and photos to capture his story. Check out the full spectrum on Ty here and for tickets to catch the NYC premier click here.