Yesterday was a little hectic with the We Are Blood premiere in NYC and we didn’t get to post this interview as planned. Oh well, a day late shouldn’t be too bad.

If you’ve had a chance to watch We Are Blood it’s no secret that Chris “Cookie” Colbourn rips. Since he’s sponsored by Mighty Healthy it was a no-brainer to hookup a little interview via Ray Mate (MH Founder). Here’s what the two had to say.

Interview via Ray Mate (Founder, Mighty Healthy)

RM: What’s your name & where you from?

CC: My name is Chris Colbourn and I’m from Williston. VT. 

RM: I used to have a place at Mount Snow, I love VT! How’s skateboarding treating you? You’ve been traveling alot this year with Ty Evans. Did you know he used to stay with me and Gino back in the day when we lived together?

CC: Skateboarding has been really good to me since day one. I am very thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had since I picked up a skateboard.  I knew you, Gino & Ty had a history but I didn’t know Ty would actually come and crash at your guy’s place, that’s awesome! Where were you guys staying at that time? Long Island? 

RM: I left my apartment in Bay Ridge because I met Hazel then Gino let me live in one of his rooms for a bit in Carle Place, Long Island. Do you miss living on the East Coast? I’m trying to go snowboarding when it gets cold. Can you get me on the mountain so I can shred?

CC: Yes of course I miss the east coast. My family and the seasonal changes are the things I miss most, and of course all the gritty skate spots. I love and miss that feeling when Spring finally comes along in April or May and forty degrees feels like T shirt weather. 

I got you on some day passes at Stowe Mountain Resort this winter! My pops works up there, in Sales & Marketing, and is always happy to help out when I have friends in town. You gotta see all the new features they have up there, it’s like a dream ski-resort destination. 

RM: F#%* yeah!!!! Did you know that people are saying you’re the next Koston?

CC: Nope. Well I heard Steve Berra said that (to you), which is incredibly flattering and also hard to believe. But, Steve & Eric are both super nice, as well as two of my favorite skateboarders. Mad respect… but yeah – I’m no Koston!

RM: You’re right Koston is asian and you’re super white. Who is a better partier? Me or you?

CC: Idk but let’s drink more whiskey at lunch meetings. 

RM: Sounds good to me. You nervous about the premier in NY? You know NY is for Haters right?

CC: Naa I got mad love for NY, it should be a great time! Shoutout Mountain Dew, Green Label Films and Brainfarm for coming together to produce such an epic film! If someone does wanna hate, tell your story walking! Haters make the world go round. 

RM: Why is Mighty Healthy the best $#it out of NY?

CC: Mighty is the best $#it cuz it’s raw. I love the clean layout of every logo, and how the brand has become a common ground for artists of all trades to collaborate, express themselves, and make dope clothing. 

RM: I think I am going to bump up your photo incentive and take you to Luger’s this week.

Thanks to Ray Mate (@mightyhealthyny) for interviewing Chris (@coookie_doe). Watch Chris rip in We Are Blood now available online here.