Between the We Are Blood premiere and all the Street League stuff that went on this weekend, Monday snuck right up on us. Luckily, we got another nice surprise for Mailbox Monday, this time from our friends at C1RCA who sent over the Essential in a black/shale colorway. The Essential is the new Windsor James pro model and is a simple, clean skate shoe.

The initial feeling when you put them on is comfort with just the right amount of padding and break-in is very minimal once stepping foot on your board. Don’t let their psuedo-formal appeal fool you, the new pro line from C1RCA is good to go for skating right out of the box. They run around $65 and are available at your local shop.

***Quick reminder: The C1RCA team will be here in NYC next Monday (8/31) for an autograph signing and demo at East River Skateshop***