Last weekend, Femme Skate held an event called Sorta Sketchy: a ramp jam, art show & open mic night hosted by Lawrence Quintana, Leo Corleone, and Julio Marcial with the #theminirampproject and featuring artwork from Lizzie Reid, Riff Levin, Niki and Chris Culma, Jennay Say Qua, Raquel Zerbe, Jennifer James, and Coco Corinne Seguin.

video by Stephen McFadden

Proceeds will be used to further promote female skateboarding in and around NYC and helped to
re-launch the Femme Skate website. If you missed out on this event, Femme Skate hosts a weekly all girl event. Check out our Event Calendar for more info.

Photos by Matt Budjinski & Zach Villafanna: