Ty Evans and the Brainfarm crew premiered their skateboarding film We Are Blood at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theater in Midtown last month on August 20th. Some photos from the evening below.

People lined up outside the theater to experience We Are Blood in 4K and have a chance to meet some of the crew.


New York OG Rodney Torres helped out getting the Flushing helicopter shot. Ty thanked Rodney before presenting the film.

New York connection – Ty used to stay with Ray Mate & Gino Iannucci back in the day. Alex Corporan showed Ty around NYC for the first time decades ago.

As the theater was filling up some of the skateboarders featured in We Are Blood gave out some free product and signed some autographs.

Ty thanked everyone for coming out and brought up the skateboarders and crew to kick off the film.


Then it was time to watch We Are Blood beginning with a scene of Paul Rodriguez getting hit by a car then transitioning into a tour of a skateboarding Spain, China and Dubai, as well as on a classic road trip across the United States. Narrated by P-Rod mixed in with other skater interviews the film is loaded with crisp visuals, many drone shots, helicopter shots and a painful slam section.


After the film ended we exited the Ziegfeld into a crowd of heads outside. Some were taking advantage of the situation and skating with securities approval.



Thanks to Ty Evans, Brainfarm and Green Label for setting up a premiere in NYC. The film is now available via iTunes, Amazon, Google, MGO and DVD/Blu-Ray here.