Burger Lobster X SHUT Skateboards

SHUT is the legendary original New York City Skateboard brand, and the archetype of New York City Skateboarding. With a heritage dating back to 1986, SHUT represents true, raw, New York City skateboard culture and East Coast solidarity. SHUT is dedicat- ed to the history and future of skateboarding, and focuses on innovative deck shapes and sizes to make sure that style and fun take priority over trends. All SHUT Skate- boards are strictly MADE IN THE USA of the highest quality materials available. SHUT Skateboards are exclusively available at better skateboard shops worldwide, as well as the SHUT flagship boutique at 158 Orchard Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The creators and founders of Burger & Lobster are childhood friends originally from Moscow, Russia. They are best described as passionate and enthusiastic life-long entrepreneurs. In November of 2008 they launched a New York City style steakhouse called Goodman’s, which received several accolades including being awarded as one of the best steakhouses in the UK. In the Spring of 2011 Burger & Lobster was born. The common feeling and intended outcome was to create a mono-product concept with a simple, straight-forward menu showcasing a few items of the highest quality, all at the same price. The burgers are made of the highest quality beef sourced directly from a producer in Omaha, Nebraska, and the lobsters are delivered directly from fishermen in Nova Scotia, Canada. In four years time since launching their initial location, today there are currently eight Burger & Lobster restaurants in the UK and the first USA restaurant in New York City in the heart of the Flatiron district.

View photos from the night here.